Talent Recognizes Talent

When you have high expectations of yourself,
you seek out others that match your level of commitment.

C2C partners with the most capable employees in the industry through people and organizations that we trust. Our employees and customers are our most trusted advisors and know who the best people are to work with.

Safety is Our Highest Priority.

Our team works every day to achieve the same mission—everyone returns home in the same condition as when the job began. C2C’s strong safety record is demonstrated by a documented history of success and extensive employee training programs, including our new hire, short service, and ongoing training. Our safety culture utilizes Behavior-Based Safety Programs, a 52-Week Training Program, iAuditor Tracking and Trends, and Peer-to-Peer Evaluations and Recognitions.

Houston Business Roundtable BRONZE Certificate of Recognition for HARD CRAFT SMALL for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019

0 TRIR for 1.5+ Million Man Hours


Training for the Future

As an approved NCCER training and assessment center, C2C strives to give our employees every opportunity to grow and hone their skillsets.